IFU 5908482 OSHA Ladder Anchor



This Anchorage Connector is part of a personal fall protection system. It is expected that all users be fully trained in the safe installation and operation of their personal fall protection system. Misuse of this device could result in serious injury or death. For proper selection, operation, installation, maintenance, and service, refer to these User Instructions and all manufacturer recommendations, see your supervisor, or contact 3M Technical Service.

  • To reduce the risks associated with working with an Anchorage Connector which, if not avoided, could result in serious injury or death:
    • Inspect the device before each use, at least annually, and after any fall event. Inspect in accordance with the User Instructions.
    • If inspection reveals an unsafe or defective condition, remove the device from service and repair or replace according to the User Instructions.
    • Any device that has been subject to fall arrest or impact force must be immediately removed from service and destroyed.
    • The device must only be installed in the specified substrates or on structures detailed in the User Instructions. Installations and use outside the scope of this instruction must be approved by 3M Fall Protection.
    • The substrate or structure to which the anchorage connector is attached must be able to sustain the static loads specified for the anchor in the orientations permitted in the User Instructions.
    • Only connect other fall protection subsystems to the designated anchorage connection point on the device.
    • Prior to drilling or fastening, ensure no electric lines, gas lines, or other critical embedded systems will be contacted by the drill or the device.
    • Ensure that fall protection systems/subsystems assembled from components made by different manufacturers are compatible and meet the requirements of applicable standards, including the ANSI Z359 or other applicable fall protection codes, standards, or requirements. Always consult a Competent or Qualified Person before using these systems.


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