Professional Experiences

We are experienced Fall Arrest Experts, and we won the trust and reputation from clients for years. We are committed to deliver professional attitude and services to every companies in Hong Kong.

Advanced Technology

The company keep searching for latest safety technologies and products to provide customers with the most comprehensive fall arrest engineering services.

Professional Team

Professional engineering and customer support teams are our company's core values. Our experts are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

Comprehensive Solution

We have been providing the most comprehensive solutions with the full range of latest fall arrest products. We are committed to serving customers with the best quality products and solutions

Advanced Safety Technology

We keep exploring various latest fall arrest products, and are committed to providing each project with the most efficient solution.

Customised Solution

We believed that the needs of each fall protection project are different. We are constantly seeking to provide customers with the most suitable fall arrest solutions.

Our team

Our Big Community

Meet our talented, skilled and friendly team! These are people who create all our projects. Together we do one major and important job – design, construction and building for people.

Steven Jackson

Executive Manager

Steven co-founded Buildwall in 1990. Steven is constantly discovering new solutions to issues that arise during the work process and


Frank Roberts

Senior Foreman

Frank is in charge of all our workers. He joined us in 2006 and managed to organize a close-knit team.


Andrew Rooney

Remodeling Consultant

With a decade at Buildwall and a lifetime in the industry, Andrew Rooney has been an invaluable part of our


Nick Holmes

Project Manager

With a decade at Buildwall and a lifetime in the industry, Andrew Rooney has been an invaluable part of our

Royal Rising International

With years of industry experience, we have successfully fulfil various fall arrest requirements for countless construction projects.